Survivor Winner Rankings 2018 (18-1)

Survivor has been around for a whopping thirty-seven seasons. In that time there has been every kind of winner you could imagine. Every single winner has its flaws, critics, and faults. But every winner also has its strengths, merits and influence on changing the game forever. Although it is never easy to rank players who played … Continue reading Survivor Winner Rankings 2018 (18-1)

Survivor Winner Rankings 2017

For the 2018 Survivor Winner Rankings click here.  In thirty-four seasons of Survivor, there have been some amazing winners. It is so incredibly hard to rank them as they all played vastly different games and had to overcome a very different set of circumstances to win their seasons. Nonetheless, just like every Survivor nerd, The … Continue reading Survivor Winner Rankings 2017

The 10 Contestants I Would Most Like To See Return To Survivor

In an era of Survivor where returning-player seasons occur far more frequently than they once did, there is now growing opportunity for some of the game's all-time greats and all-time undervalued contestants to return to the show. Recent all-star seasons have given us players like Jeff Varner, Kimmi Kappenberg and James 'JT' Thomas that we … Continue reading The 10 Contestants I Would Most Like To See Return To Survivor

Survivor Winners vs. Runners Up

Is a Survivor Winners vs. Runners Up season plausible? Yes! In fact it is probably even more plausible than an all winners season. At least in a Winners vs. Runners Up season, the Runners Up have a shot at redemption, creating a great story-line as they come up against the very people that beat them the … Continue reading Survivor Winners vs. Runners Up

My Top 15 Favourite Survivor Players of All Time

After over 600 people have played the game of Survivor, these 15 resonate with me the most. Whether it's because they're entertaining, amazing players or just great TV, after 32 seasons of Survivor, these are my fifteen favourite players of all time. 15. Kim Spradlin - S24 (Winner) 14. Danni Boatwright - S11 (Winner)  13. Todd … Continue reading My Top 15 Favourite Survivor Players of All Time

Top 10 Survivor Strategic Game Performances

The Top 10 Best Strategic Game Performances in the History of Survivor. Limiting entries to only one per player and to only one per category, so if you think someone is missing, check out "Top 10 Survivor Social Game Performances" 10.  Richard Hatch - Borneo (Winner) 9. Natalie Anderson - San Juan Del Sur (Winner) 8. … Continue reading Top 10 Survivor Strategic Game Performances