Top 50 Survivor Players of All-Time (25-1)

In thirty-nine seasons of Survivor, there have been some amazing players. It is so incredibly hard to rank them as they all had to overcome a different set of circumstances and navigate through completely different seasons, twists and themes. But nonetheless, The Mastermind has attempted to compile a list of the fifty greatest players of all time.

How Kevin Martin Won Big Brother Canada 5

After an incredible season largely dominated by Ika Wong and Demetres Giannitsos, the underdog, the man who had to claw his way from the bottom to the top, Kevin Martin, has won Big Brother Canada 5. A Breakdown Of Kevin's Game Kevin remained in tune with everything that was going on all season and knew … Continue reading How Kevin Martin Won Big Brother Canada 5

Survivor Season Rankings 2016

I came late to the game of Survivor. My first ever season was San Juan del Sur and from that moment on I fell in love. Now that I have watched all of the seasons and now that the latest season of Survivor, Millennials vs. Gen X, is over, I can finally do my season … Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2016

Conspiracy Theory Survivor Cambodia

Recently I had a revelation. Jeff Varner had a pre-game alliance with almost every single person on Ta Keo but with nobody on Bayon. This lead me to believe that Ta Keo was set up intentionally in Survivor Cambodia to force Jeff Varner to pick a side, knowing that he would create amazing drama out … Continue reading Conspiracy Theory Survivor Cambodia

Top 10 Audience Blindsides in Survivor History

Oh the blindside. Everyone loves a good blindside! Well, except for the person┬ábeing blindsided. In human nature we have a need to be right. As humans watching Survivor, we always try to make predictions about which contestant is going home each episode, and when it is someone we never expected, it usually leaves us absolutely … Continue reading Top 10 Audience Blindsides in Survivor History