Survivor Season Rankings 2019 (39-20)

In all honesty, 2019 was the most terrible of terrible years for Survivor. The horrid twist of Edge of Extinction, followed by one of the most unjust winners the show has ever seen was not the best way for Survivor to start the year. But it only got worse with all that went on in Island of … Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2019 (39-20)

Survivor Season Rankings 2017

For the updated Survivor Season Rankings as of 2018, click here! I came late to the game of Survivor. My first ever season was San Juan del Sur and from that moment on I fell in love. Now that I have watched all of the seasons and now that the latest season of Survivor, the … Continue reading Survivor Season Rankings 2017

Survivor Pre-Game Alliances: How Much Do They Really Matter?

With any all star season, pre-game alliances are bound to occur. But how much do pre-game alliances actually matter in the context of the game? Although I understand the appeal of having someone, or a group of people that you know you can count on at the start of the game to keep yourself out … Continue reading Survivor Pre-Game Alliances: How Much Do They Really Matter?