Who Could Win Survivor 40: All Winners (Part 1)

On May 18, 2019, Inside Survivor released the cast for Survivor 40 a season that only includes former winners of the show. Whoever wins Survivor 40, a season of some of the best former winners of the show, could go down as the greatest winner of all time. But who has a chance at winning … Continue reading Who Could Win Survivor 40: All Winners (Part 1)

Survivor Winner Rankings 2018 (37-19)

Survivor has been around for a whopping thirty-seven seasons. In that time there has been every kind of winner you could imagine. Every single winner has its flaws, critics, and faults. But every winner also has its strengths, merits and influence on changing the game forever. Although it is never easy to rank players who played vastly different games, The Mastermind will now attempt to update their winner rankings for 2018 and rate the winners from worst to best - starting with the worst in 37th to the 19th best on this list. The list takes into consideration primarily how a player navigated their way through the season that they won, including their social game, strategic game, the difficulty of their win, how in-tune they were with the game, their final tribal council performance, how many votes they received to win and most importantly, how much control they had during the season from start to finish. This list is not a ranking on how good of a player each person is. For that see Top 50 Survivor Players of All Time. This instead is a list based on how well each winner navigated their way through their specific season.

Ben Driebergen and Devon Pinto Inducted Into The Mastermind’s Top 50 Survivor Players

The final four of Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers is one of the best groups of all time. Every single one of Chrissy, Ryan, Ben and Devon played fantastic games and each could have won. Runners up Chrissy and Ryan came close to the million, but it is the winner Ben Driebergen and 4th place … Continue reading Ben Driebergen and Devon Pinto Inducted Into The Mastermind’s Top 50 Survivor Players