The Mastermind Award Nominees 2017: Best Winner

In covering dozens of different events, seasons, tournaments and reality shows, there is always a handful of losers to talk about and ONE very distinct winner to eulogize. These are the five best winners of 2017, the nominees for Best Winner as part of the 2017 Mastermind Awards.


Chelsea (2016-17 Premier League) 

Conte and Azpilicueta celebrating title win

Chelsea were in stunning form all throughout 2016-17, even breaking the record for most wins in a season. Led by manager Antonio Conte, the Blues popularized the 3-4-3 formation worldwide as after it acclaimed them so much success, seemingly every single team adopted the formation as well (Arsene Wenger still to this day). With players like N’Golo Kante, Eden Hazard and David Luiz in top form, Chelsea walked to the Premier League title, beating second place Tottenham Hotspur by seven points in the end. Nobody could stop Chelsea in 2016-17 and Antonio Conte, in his first season in charge, led the club to their second title in three years.

Real Madrid (UEFA Champions League)

Another year, another victory in the UEFA Champions League for Real Madrid. Led by their incredible midfield foursome and Cristiano Ronaldo up front, Los Blancos were absolutely unstoppable on their road to the final. In the final match, they rocked Juventus by a score of 4-1, a result no one saw coming and one of the biggest final match scorelines in the history of the tournament. Casemiro and Isco emerged as two of the world’s best players, the talents of Luka Modric, Toni Kroos and Sergio Ramos were on full display and even youngsters like Marco Asensio played their part. It’s one thing to win the UEFA Champions League, it’s another to do so two years in a row. Real Madrid are the first team ever to manage the feat and as a result are certainly one of 2017’s Best Winners.

Sarah Lacina (Survivor Game Changers)

Sarah Lacina Wins Survivor Game Changers

Sarah Lacina was absolutely stellar in Survivor Game Changers. She came into the season as someone no one would have even thought to be a good player, but completely surpassed expectations with her fantastic social and strategic play. The way she maneuvered through the game, swinging back and forth yet still maintaining positive relationships with everyone in the game was incredible to watch. Sarah by no means played a flawless game, but she was a driving force behind practically every single vote without ever making herself into the next big target, something very few others have been able to achieve in Survivor history. By constantly playing the middle, she was able to always be able to vote for the person that went home and simultaneously stay in good faith with every single person in the game regardless of where her vote actually went. Moreover, she always remained in the know of what was happening, which is why she was such a crucial deciding vote every single time and the way she cut certain players like Andrea, Michaela and Zeke in pretty ruthless fashion while still getting their votes in the end was pretty amazing to see. Sarah’s not the best winner of Survivor we’ve ever seen, but she is a very good one and perfectly maneuvered her season to take home the one million dollar prize.

Kevin Martin (Big Brother Canada 5)

Big Brother Canada winners, Jon Pardy aside, are famous for being, well, not all that great. BUT season 5 winner, Kevin Martin, was absolutely amazing and although nowhere near flawless, certainly joins Jon Pardy’s club. Kevin remained in tune with everything that was going on all season long and always knew how to position himself to advance his game at all times. At the start of the season he had valuable pawns in William, Gary, and was part of the all-powerful six person alliance that was running the game. But after the game flipped on its head, Kevin had to claw his way from the bottom to the top, winning challenge after challenge to keep himself in the game and doing the impossible, making it all the way to the end and sweeping all nine jury votes. Kevin is just the second person in Big Brother history to receive every single jury vote after the renowned Dan Gheesling; making him one of the most impressive winners the show’s ever seen.

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♥ Scott Flannery & Brooke Camhi (Amazing Race 29) 

Scott and Brooke The Amazing Race 29

One of the best and most memorable teams to ever win The Amazing Race. Although two very distinct and separate individuals, what made this duo so spectacular to watch on Amazing Race 29 was that they were forced to work together despite having almost nothing in common whatsoever. Scott, often the sensible and strategic one was often outshone by the explosive and hilarious Brooke Camhi, who claimed she couldn’t do nearly every single task, only to knock it out of the park more often than not. Scott and Brooke’s ability to build relationships helped them significantly on the show in that any task that they struggled with they always had someone else to help them along the way. They used that strategy to surpass every other team, making it to the final three and then winning the season. Both Scott and Brooke had incredible personalities on the show and were the main reason why Amazing Race 29 was such a good show to watch. On top of that their social and strategic side of the game was superior to any other team in the last decade or so and deserves significant recognition.

So there it is! The nominees for Best Winner as part of the 2017 Mastermind Awards. Like what you read? Subscribe for more and make sure to be back here on December 5th to begin voting for all the awards! See you soon!

♥ = The Mastermind‘s choice for each award category.


2016 – Leicester City



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