The Mastermind Award Nominees 2017: Best Article

Why MasterChef is Fake

A total of 186 articles have been written by The Mastermind since the last set of nominees were revealed back in 2016. Narrowing 186 articles down to just five was no easy task, but these are the five that The Mastermind believes best represents what the site is all about. These are the nominees for Best Article as part of the 2017 Mastermind Awards.


Three Ways Troyzan Can Use His Hidden Immunity Idol


One of the more fun articles on this list, Three Ways Troyzan Can Use His Hidden Immunity Idol was created on a whim almost immediately after the former One World contestant found the idol on Tavua beach. The article explored a variety of different ways that Troyzan could use the idol to infiltrate what seemed like a very tight alliance of five others and make his way from bottom to top. The three ways explored included telling nobody and taking out the sneaky Andrea, using it as leverage to see who the rest of Tavua want out and revealing it at tribal council in hope that the alliance of five cracks. Ultimately, Tavua never went to tribal council and Troyzan never had to use his idol, but the article was still a massive hit and made reference to some of the most famous idol plays in the history of the game. Yul Kwon, Russell Hantz, Mike Holloway and Kelley Wentworth are all referenced, making for not just a deep inside look into what Troyzan could do with his idol, but all future players who happen to discover one.

See the article -> Three Ways Troyzan Can Use His Hidden Immunity Idol At Tavua



The Mastermind has been compiling lists of the Top 100 Footballers in the world since 2012 and the method gets better and better with every passing year. This year’s most popular feature, Top 100 Footballers has garnered much respect among fans of football around the world and continues to bring back readers year after year. In the 2016-17 version, Xabi Alonso and Philipp Lahm made their final appearances after being featured on every single list since its incarnation; newcomers such as Dries Mertens, Lorenzo Insigne, Kylian Mbappe-Lottin and Ander Herrera appeared in high numbers; and Lionel Messi continued his unbeatable streak at the top of the pack. This is a must read for all football fans.

See the article -> OFFICIAL: Top 100 Footballers 2016-17

Paulo Dybala: Juventus’ Crowned Jewel 

Paulo Dybala Juve Barcelona 3-0

There was about a month of UEFA Champions League action where Juventus’ Paulo Dybala was unstoppable and could not put a foot wrong. The Argentinean striker was in incredible form and led The Old Lady all the way to the Champions League final, where they ultimately lost to Real Madrid. Around that time, The Mastermind just could not help but fall in love with the silky striker who seemingly just could not stop scoring, and decided to write about all that Dybala had accomplished at the age of just 23. The article takes a deep-dive look into the style of play, ambidexterity and versatility of Paulo Dybala, his signature celebration – the Dybalamask, as well as comparing him to his compatriot Lionel Messi as well as other stars to burst onto the scene in recent years such as Antoine Griezmann. If you’re a fan of football, Juventus or just follow the happenings of TheMastermindSite casually, this is definitely worth a read.

See the article -> Paulo Dybala: Juventus’ Crowned Jewel

Why Jeff Varner Outing Zeke Smith As Trangender Was A Really Big Deal

Image result for Zeke Smith survivor game changers

One of the biggest moments of Reality TV this year, every single site that covers Survivor was writing about when Jeff Varner outed Zeke Smith as transgender on national television. It was huge for everyone involved and so beyond anything to do with the game. Like most, The Mastermind wrote about why Jeff Varner was in the wrong (and that’s an understatement), and supported Zeke as he tried to create a positive narrative around the moment. The article also gives a breakdown of the events, including the reactions of all of Zeke and Jeff’s tribe-mates, the reactions of the fan community after the episode and what can be done to support the LGBTQ+ community. It was a moment that the Survivor community probably wants to forget, but one that shouldn’t be pushed too far aside quite yet.

See the article -> Why Jeff Varner Outing Zeke Smith as Transgender on Survivor Game Changers Was A Really Big Deal

♥ Why MasterChef Is Fake 

Why MasterChef is Fake

The Mastermind‘s most popular post ever, Why MasterChef Is Fake, was certainly a hit. The article has received over 12,000 views already in just 8 months and continues to draw in visitors from all over. Although The Mastermind is a big MasterChef fan, certain aspects of the show have always seemed suspicious to them and one day the site’s sole proprietor decided to write about all that seemed wrong with the show. 8 months later and it is the most popular post of the year. The article explores questionable aspects to the show, such as keeping around those that are more entertaining than those that are better chefs; the undeserved victories of Courtney Lapresi and Claudia Sandoval; and the show’s failure to give aspiring home-cooks a chance to break into the industry. This article is certainly worth exploring, whether a fan of cooking shows or not and could be named 2017’s Article of the Year.

See the article -> Why MasterChef Is Fake

So there it is! The nominees for Best Article written by The Mastermind. Like what you read? Subscribe for more and make sure to be back here on December 5th to begin voting for all the awards! See you soon!

♥ = The Mastermind‘s choice for each award category.


2016 –  SPOILER ALERT: Survivor 34 Cast





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