The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Special Feature

Well it’s been an amazing first year on The Mastermind and now it is time to discuss some of the very best features that this site has to offer. Click on the links below to explore all of The Mastermind’s Best Features! And be sure to be back tomorrow to vote on The Mastermind Awards 2016!

Annual Rankings 

Michele Fitzgerald

From long editorials like Survivor Season Rankings & Winners Rankings to top 10 lists like Top 10 Audience Blindsides and Top 10 Big Brother Canada Players, The Mastermind has plenty of annual rankings for all to enjoy. These rankings look set to get updated after every single major season and earn a whole new post every single year. If Rankings are your type of thing then make sure to rank it number one on your Mastermind Awards 2016 voting ballot.

Team of the Week 


Team of the Week is something that I have been doing since the 2012-13 season when Luis Saurez and Gareth Bale were tearing up the Barclays Premier Leaugue. It started as partially something to do for fun and partially something to help me better conceptualize who was having a good season and who was not for my Top 100 Footballers in the World lists. But ever since strarting this blog in May, it has really taken off and has become one of my favourite things to write about. From that very first TOTW post in GW1 of Euro 2016 to the latest edition, GW12 in the English Premier League, every single time I have gone to write about the Team of the Week it has not only been fun and exciting but has also helped me to increase my awareness of the sport and today’s stars and stats. So this next month, score a couple of goals, vote for Team of the Week and you could be The Mastermind‘s Player of the Week!

Team of the Month 


Team of the Month began a season after Team of the Week did in 2013-14 when I just couldn’t get enough of these things. What has really surprised me ever since bringing it over to The Mastermind is how popular it has been. The second most popular post on this website of all time is the English Premier League August Team of the Month which demonstrates how much of a hit it has been for viewers. Inphographics were also incorporated in October’s Premier League Team of the Month and may now be a hallmark of the special feature for years to come. Team of the Week is pretty great, but if coming back to check out the Team of the Month is more your pace then kick your vote towards it now!

Episode Recaps ♥

Amazing Race Canada and Survivor recaps of every single episode since May have been a joy to write. Even if they are long and take a lot of careful consideration of what words to use, writing these recaps has never been an ounce streneous. Doing these has also only enhanced my understanding of every single episode of these two shows and has helped me look for common trends when making my predictions which as you all know is something that I love to do very much. From that first episode recap on Amazing Race Canada 4’s premiere pictured above to the one I left for you all to read last night on the latest happenings of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X writing every single episode recap has been so much fun and it will definitely be a feature of this site for as long as it exists.

Top 100 Footballers 

The oldest tradition of anything on here, Top 100 Footballers started when I was still in elementary school. Originally when I first started writing, this was the only thing I was writing about, with each player getting a two page writeup in a massive two-hundred something page book. Now it has fallen to the background a bit more in place of the features above, but is still very much at the forefront of The Mastermind‘s thoughts. Since it began, no one has ever knocked Lionel Messi off of the number one spot on the end of season rankings but Cristiano Ronaldo has stolen the number one spot away from Messi on the end of year rankings two years in a row and is looking to make it a third in 2016. The final, epic edition for 2016 is coming soon so make sure to stay tuned on all the happenings inside The Top 100 Footballers.

The Purple Giraffe 

When The Mastermind feels passionate about something an article about is almost certain to follow. The Purple Giraffe encompasses every single article of passion from The Mastermind so far this year in one epic category of articles. From the very first couple like Why Cassandra Shahinfar Should Win Big Brother Canada 4 and Why Jeff Probst Needs To Stop Telling Contestants To Make Big Moves to ripping on Jose Mourinho in Three Better Alternatives To Jose Mourinho at Manchester United to praising Adam Lallana’s transformation this season at Liverpool, every single one of these has been absolutely amazing to write about and has given me a platform for considering journalism as a professional career. So if your favourite part of The Mastermind has been waiting for the next big article to hit the floor then make sure to vote for this category on The Mastermind Awards 2016.

So there it is! The nominees for Best Special Feature on The Mastermind as part of The Mastermind Awards 2016. So where can I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂

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