The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016: Best Moment

From the happiness to the heartache to the history that has been made, there has been a multitude of amazing moments so far this 2016. From Leicester winning the Premier League title to Steph and Kristen becoming the first ever female winners of TAR Canada, 2016 had a host of incredible moments that will not soon be forgotten. So to cap off The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016, it is time to talk about the very best moments of 2016 in the world of both football and reality TV!

Leicester City Win Premier League Title ♥


I’ve already talked in great length in a few other nomination pages about how special this moment was but words still cannot describe truly how much this meant to all in football, particularly those that call themselves a fan of the Foxes. Eden Hazard’s goal against Tottenham was officially the moment that sealed the deal but Wes Morgan and Claudio Ranieri lifting the trophy will forever be the one remembered as the iconic image of this incredible 2015-16 Premier League title win for the Foxes. Every single person at the club played their part and every single person watching around the world wanted it to happen. I don’t think anyone could ever truly describe how amazing this was.

Eder Scores Euro 2016 Winning Goal 

Eder goal lol

It took 109 minutes of a relatively tame final match of Euro 2016 for someone to break the deadlock but substitute Eder Lopes finally managed to do it with a thunderbolt of an effort from outside the area, winning Portugal Euro 2016. Madness erupted around the stadium when this goal went in and the Portugese players just could not believe it. Somehow Portugal managed to win Euro 2016 and they did it without Ronaldo, as Eder scored this fantastic goal.

Aubry Flips Tai Onto Her Side (Survivor Kaoh Rong) 


Although Cydney’s decision to flip against the Brawn alliance and take out Nick is widely regarded as the move that changed everything in Survivor Kaoh Rong, Aubry flipping Tai onto her side was equally important in allowing this fantastic alliance to make it all the way to the end of the game. Aubry flipping Tai onto her side was an incredible piece of gameplay and proved her to be easily the most astute player on the island with the way she managed to accomplish it. This move by Aubry not only solidified her place in the final but knocked down all those that opposed her in Scot, Julia and Cydney. This was amazing social gameplay from Aubry, one of the best ever, and a truly special moment from 2016.

Michaela’s Blindside And Reaction 


For all the wonderfulness of Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X so far, this moment right here might stand out as the one that everyone remembers for years to come. Bret LaBelle looked all set to go home in Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X’s seventh episode of the season. He and Sunday had found themselves at the bottom of Ika Bula when they swapped with a numbers disadvantage against the four Millennials and so when the tribe finally lost the challenge, Bret was looking ready to go home. That was until Jay and Will started to feel uncomfortable with Michaela’s dominant role in the alliance and methodical ways of thinking about the game. Jay quickly made a plan to take out Michaela instead and in never-before-seen footage, he let Bret and Sunday know of the plan too. Because this conversation was never shown on the screen, it made for an even more shocking elimination from a viewer perspective. But the best part of all about Michaela’s elimination from the game was her reaction, which you have to see below. The moment her name came up a third time, she screamed “Whaaaaaaaat?”, turned around at Jay, gave Will a brief glance and then turned her attention back over towards Jay, asking “Did you do that?”. What happens next you have to see for yourself below to fully get the true image of what happened. Words cannot describe how amazing this blindside was and Michaela’s elimination from the game was the best reaction ever and will forever make this moment remembered as one of the best blindsides of all time.

Phoebe Blindsides Craig l’Anson (Australian Survivor)


Phoebe Timmins was the star of Australian Survivor Season 3 and there was no greater moment in the show’s twenty-six episode run than her shocking elimination of Craig L’anson in episode 12. As we knew that Phoebe had a hidden immunity idol and was the most strategically sound player on the season, it wasn’t the audience that was blindsided that night. Instead it was every single player on Vavua beach who were blindsided by Phoebe’s move (apart from the fake reaction of Kristie Bennett in the middle who knew of the plan). At the beginning of the swap, Craig found a clue to the hidden immunity idol. But no matter how hard he tried, he just could not find it. One of the key reasons why was that a day after Phoebe saved herself with one idol in Rohan’s elimination, she immediately went looking for another one and succeeded in stealing it away from Craig. But the night of Phoebe’s impending elimination, the rest of the tribe (apart from Kristie) had no idea that Phoebe had an idol and so trying to be the good guy, Connor let Phoebe know that she was about to be sent home, prompting Phoebe to know that it was exactly the right time to use her weapon to her advantage. When the votes came in, Phoebe played the idol to save herself again, devastating the Vavau tribe. As the rest of his tribe shared looks of disbelief all Craig could do was smile.

Jamie Vardy Breaks Premier League Goal Record 

Jamie Vardy Breaks Record.jpg

Nobody even knew who Jamie Vardy was a couple of years ago but under Claudio Ranieri last season the former non-league footballer managed to do the impossible and break Ruud Van Nilsterooy’s Premier League goal record for most consecutive games scoring a goal. Watching Jamie Vardy score every single week regardless of who the Foxes were playing was amazing to see and as he grew closer and closer to the record no one could take their eyes off of this man and Leicester City Football Club. Vardy scored 13 goals in 11 games to break the record helping the Foxes pick up a host of surprise results along the way. This kind of goal return from the Premier League striker was one of the keys to Leicester City’s success and forever cemented his place in Premier League legacy. This record might not ever be broken again and it is absolutely amazing that a former non-league player, Jamie Vardy, is the one that pulled it off.

Steph and Kristen Become First Ever Female Winners of Amazing Race Canada 


It took America seventeen seasons to get it right and although four seasons isn’t anywhere near as bad, it was still far too long for an all-female team to win the Amazing Race Canada or for the show to have a female winner at all. So when Steph and Kristen pulled it off as The Mastermind had been predicting them to do all season long, it was a truly special moment. The dating couple ran one of the most dominant races in the history of the show and were incredibly deserving winners that now serve as emblems for female prowess on Canadian Television.

So where can I vote?! Voting is now open here -> VOTE: The Mastermind Awards 2016. Enjoy! And if you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out The Mastermind Award Nominees 2016 Page for all the details on who and what is up for every single award. Have fun! 🙂

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