Who Could Be Cast On Survivor 34?

Casting has begun for Survivor Season 34 and there are quite a few interesting names on the list. Both the cast and the theme have not been finalized but fans of the show seem to have a massive amount of optimism that this could be an amazing future season. These are the names of the people who have made it to the final round of casting as per Inside Survivor.

Andrea Boehlke – Redemption Island (5th), Caramoan (7th)
Andrea Boehlke
Aubry Bracco – Kaoh Rong (2nd)

Aubry Braco 2
Brad Culpepper – Blood vs. Water (15th)
Brad Culpepper 2
Caleb Reynolds – Kaoh Rong (15th)
Caleb Reynolds Fing 4
Carolyn Rivera – Worlds Apart (2nd)
Carolyn Rivera
Chelsea Meissner – One World (3rd)

Chelsea Meissner
Ciera Eastin – Blood vs. Water (5th), Cambodia (10th)
Ciera Eastin 2
Cirie Fields – Panama (4th), Micronesia (3rd), Heroes vs. Villains (17th)

Cirie Fields 3
Danni Boatwright – Guatemala (Winner)
Debbie Wanner – Kaoh Rong (7th)

Debbie Wanner
Earl Cole – Fiji (Winner)

Earl Cole Survivor 2
Hali Ford – Worlds Apart (11th)

Hali Ford
James ‘JT’ Thomas – Tocantins (Winner), Heroes vs. Villains (10th)
JT and Stephen
Jeff Varner – Australian Outback (10th), Cambodia (17th)
Jeff Varner 1
Jon Misch – San Juan Del Sur (6th)
Jon Misch voted out
Jonathan Penner – Cook Islands (7th), Micronesia (15th), Philippines (7th)
Jonathan Penner
Malcolm Freberg – Philippines (4th), Caramoan (9th)
Malcolm Freberg Survivor
Marty Piombo – Nicaragua (11th)
Marty Piombo
Mike Holloway – Worlds Apart (Winner)
Mike Holloway 2
Natalie Anderson – San Juan Del Sur (Winner)
Natalie Anderson 3
Natalie Bolton – Micronesia (4th)
Natalie Bolton 1
Ozzy Lusth – Cook Islands (2nd), Micronesia (10th), South Pacific (4th)
Ozzy Lusth Survivor
Sabrina Thompson – One World (2nd)

Sabrina Thompson
Sandra Diaz-Twine – Pearl Islands (Winner), Heroes vs. Villains (Winner)

Sandra Diaz-Twine 1
Sarah Lacina – Cagayan (11th)

Sarah Lacina
Tai Trang – Kaoh Rong (3rd)

Tai Trang
Troyzan Robertson – One World (8th)

Troyzan One World
Tony Vlachos – Cagayan (Winner)
Tony Vlachos 2
Obviously there are some disappointments on here, most notably Ozzy being given his fourth chance to play when he did nothing but win challenges in the two seasons he was successful and Jonathan Penner being given his fourth chance to play when he showed that he had the strategy of a kumquat in his three previous seasons. There are some really standout selections though of people I really would like to see back. Natalie Anderson and Danni Boatwright are two of my favourite players of all time and would definitely be good choices as I would be really interested to see if they could do the impossible and win again. Natalie Bolton, Earl Cole, Mike, Aubry and Tony would all be excellent choices as well as they were all fun TV and/or savvy players. Cirie, Sandra and Marty would all be fun to see back but probably would be immediately targeted and as a result wouldn’t fare well. Lastly, I think the decisions to include Sarah and Hali are a bit strange but I virtually see no way they actually get cast on the season if the theme is something along the lines of finalists vs. non-finalists as there are far more impressive finalists. Reports indicate that the cast is also likely to include two players from Survivor 33, one male finalist and one female juror.




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