My Top 15 Favourite Survivor Players of All Time

After over 600 people have played the game of Survivor, these 15 resonate with me the most. Whether it’s because they’re entertaining, amazing players or just great TV, after 32 seasons of Survivor, these are my fifteen favourite players of all time.

15. Kim Spradlin – S24 (Winner)

Kim Spradlin One World

14. Danni Boatwright – S11 (Winner) 


13. Todd Herzog – S15 (Winner)

Todd Herzog 1

12. Mike Holloway – S30 (Winner)

Mike Holloway 2

11. Aubry Bracco – S32 (2nd place)

Aubry Braco 2

10. Tony Vlachos – S28 (Winner)

Tony 3

9. Natalie Bolton – S16 (4th)

Natalie Bolton 1

8. Keith Nale – S29 (4th), S31 (5th) 

Keith Nale

7. “Coach” Wade – S18 (5th), S20 (12th), S23 (2nd)

Coach Survivor

6. Kelley Wentworth – S29 (14th), S31 (4th)

Kelley Wentworth 2

5. Tyson Apostol – S18 (8th), S20 (15th), S27 (Winner)


4. Natalie Anderson – S29 (Winner)

Natalie Anderson 3

3. Jeremy Collins – S29 (10th), S31 (Winner)

Jermy Survivor

2. Parvati Shallow – S13 (6th), S16 (Winner), S20 (2nd)

Queen Parvati Shallow

1. Rob Mariano – S4 (10th), S8 (2nd), S20 (13th), S22 (Winner)

Rob Mariano Redemption Island 2

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